Planning any event is a huge task to take on, and one of the most daunting and stressful events to plan is a wedding, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In honor of National Wedding Month, let us walk you through all the reasons why you should say “I do” to our event planning team, experts in taking care of the big tasks.

If you’re not familiar with our Aprons Event Planning services, when it comes to your big day we’ll be there to help you with all of the important details, including everything from catering and picking your menu to helping you choose the perfect cake from our Bakery. We’ll even help you choose flowers from our Floral section. Leave your planning stress at the door because you’re in good hands.



From your bridal showers to your rehearsal dinner, to wedding reception, leave the food up to us. Our Event Planners are here to focus on exactly what you envision your event to be and help bring it to life.

Our catering services include:

  • Creating a customized menu
  • Coordinating rental items
  • Delivering your food
  • Handling on-site meal preparation
  • Serving your guests
  • Managing the cleanup

Publix Aprons Event Planning Catering is available in select Publix locations. For full-service catering, your event planner will go over all costs in person. Most prices are per person and calculated based on the total number of guests. We have divided our full-service menu selections into three price levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Cakes

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Publix is known for delicious cakes and our Bakery teams are experts in creating a beautiful design that tastes delicious  for your special day. Your wedding will be a day worth remembering, we want to make sure the cake is too! We have beautiful cake designs for you to choose from or we can start with the basics and bring your dream to life. You should leave feeling confident that your cake will be a joy to behold as well as eat.

Our team will help you sign up for a complimentary cake consultation where you will get to choose up to CC_WeddingPlanning_Body_Image 2three delicious cake combinations to try. Will it be yellow cake with fresh strawberries or chocolate on chocolate? You decide the flavor and colors, we’ll handle the rest. Our team can deliver your cake, so there’s no need to stress about picking up the cake the morning of your big day.

If you need additional cakes for your wedding events, we will take care of your groom’s cake, bridal shower cake and even desserts for the rehearsal dinner.

The Flowers

Bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces — where to begin? If you need help choosing floral decorations, our team will help you select the perfect flowers and also provide care and handling tips. Our Floral department offers beautiful floral options from traditional roses and baby’s breath to seasonal favorites like sunflowers and hydrangeas.

No matter what stressful detail you run into when planning your wedding, our event planning teams have the experience to anticipate any questions you bring to them. Don’t let this be an overwhelming time for you and your family, you call the shots and we’ll make it happen.



Have you used our event planners for any party planning? Share your favorite experiences with us!

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