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If you love to read about ways to use your favorite products and foods in surprising ways, Aijana W. is going to be the blogger to watch. A member of the Publix family since 2014, Aijana loves to explore the diverse corners of social media and hopes you leave our blog with great ideas as well as a better sense of who Publix is as a company. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, trying new restaurants, and of course – eating Publix GreenWise Salted Caramel Ice Cream!

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Cold, creamy, sweet goodness. That’s right, we’re talking about ice cream! Not just any ice cream, but Publix Premium ice cream, made with milk, cream, and other quality ingredients. You’ll find that it has rich flavors and a deliciously creamy texture.

We make our premium ice cream in our very own dedicated facility to ensure maximum quality. We’re sure you have your favorite flavors, but there are probably a few you haven’t tried yet. Here are a few to get you going.

Otter Paws06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 2

Otter Paws® delivers yummy vanilla ice cream sprinkled with chocolate-coated pecans and irresistible swirls of caramel. If you prefer classic tastes, but are looking to switch it up a little, Otter Paws® is the one for you.

Banana Split06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 3

What would summer be without a banana split? With this flavor, we’ve done all the work for you. Indulge your sweet tooth and treat yourself to the classic flavor of banana ice cream with sweet cherries, tangy pineapple, crunchy pecans, buttery fudge and strawberry sauce. There’s nothing boring about our Banana Split ice cream.

Coffee Almond Fudge Light06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 4

Publix Premium Coffee Almond Fudge Light ice cream has 50% less fat and 24% fewer calories than regular ice cream, you can indulge with less guilt. Coffee almond fudge has a rich chocolate-coffee ribbon throughout mixed with milk chocolate-flavored almonds. Need we say more?

Harvest Peach Melba Low Fat Frozen Yogurt06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 5

You’ll be able to tell our frozen yogurts apart from our other varieties by looking for the white rimmed lid. Check out one of our favorites— Harvest Peach Melba. With summer in full swing, you can’t go wrong with this refreshing peach treat. This silky-smooth frozen yogurt is dotted with luscious, real peaches and swirls of raspberry sauce. It is sure to help you beat the heat.

Moose Tracks – No Sugar Added06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 6

We’re happy to offer no sugar added ice creams. You can distinguish this variety by looking for its blue rimmed lid. Your dessert craving will be satisfied with Moose Tracks No sugar Added ice cream. This creamy vanilla churned style ice cream is coupled with sugar free peanut butter cups swirled with no sugar added Moose Tracks fudge. Yum!

Butter Pecan Homemade Style06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 7

You can never go wrong with a homemade style ice cream and we have just the one for you. Our Butter Pecan Homemade Style ice cream is ultra-rich and loaded with real roasted pecans. It’s the perfect summertime delight to enjoy with friends.


Limited Edition Flavors

While our staple ice cream offerings are quite popular, we know that our limited edition flavors often cause quite a stir too! Here are some limited edition flavors you can find in your local Publix store until September. Enjoy!

  • Peach Cobbler
  • Peanut Butter Pie 
  • Chocolate Malt
  • Hula Hula crunch
  • Banana Pudding
  • New Orleans Praline

Now that we’ve given you our Publix Premium ice cream starter pack, we want to know which ones you like best. Share with us in the comments below.


Peanut butter and jelly is a beloved snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and your salty cravings all in one bite. Even better, it’s easy to make and is a favorite with children and adults alike. When it comes to this popular sandwich some like their peanut butter smooth while others like it crunchy ― everyone has a preference. However you like to eat your PB&J, we want to introduce you to a few new ways to enjoy this versatile snack on any day.


10 Twists on a Classic

1. Peanut butter is great, but have you ever tried an alternative like almond butter? Give it a shot, then try a few more like cashew and sunflower butters, too.

2. Grape jelly may be your go to, but why not try others like raspberry, blackberry, strawberry or apple? Marmalade flavors like orange and grapefruit are an appetizing change from your regular flavors. Take your taste buds on a new adventure.

3. Fresh fruit is a tasty alternative to jelly. Try cut bananas or apples, raisins, or berries of your choice on your sandwich. It’s delicious!

4. Adding honey or even marshmallow fluff is a sweet addition. Be sure to stop by the Publix Bakery to pick the perfect bread for your spread.

5. If you’re a fan of food from the county fair, think about frying your PB&J and sprinkling it with powdered sugar. For another sweet take, try our Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie. You’re sure to love it!

6. If frying is not for you, what about grilling your peanut butter and jelly? Warm, gooey peanut butter can’t be beat!

7. Use biscuits or crackers for miniature versions of this sandwich classic. English 04_12_Grocery_AJ_PBandJ_Image 2muffins make for a fun PB&J Snack Pizza that’s easy to travel with.

8. Waffles are a fun and scrumptious alternative to bread for your next PB&J.

9. Make a peanut butter and jelly roll. Flatten a piece of bread and spread jelly on one half and peanut butter on the other. Next, roll the bread like a wrap for an on-the go snack.

10. Add peanut butter to a berry smoothie to satisfy your next PB&J craving. This is a cool and refreshing post-workout treat.


Bonus: Last but not least, don’t forget the milk. While dairy milk is always a great choice to wash down that peanut butter, there are other types of milk you may be interested in trying. Next time you shop, think about picking up soy, almond, coconut, or even cashew milk to accompany your sandwich.

There you have it! 10 easy and tasty twists on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Do you have a twist of your own? Shout it out in the comments below.

Imagine for a moment, the aroma of freshly baked bread in the air — some with hints of sweetness, others more savory. Visualize yourself biting into warm, baked bread as part of your favorite meal or even by itself. With the Publix Bakery, there’s no need to imagine. We offer a wide variety of breads to satisfy any craving, and whatever you make with our Bakery breads and rolls is bound to be good. Keep reading to see a few of our favorite items that are made from scratch and baked in store daily.


Italian Five Grain Bread04_07_Bakery_AJ_Breads_Image 2

Our Italian Five Grain Bread  contains cracked wheat, barley, oats, millet and sunflower and flax seeds. You can taste and see the difference with this bread’s soft texture, crunchy crust, toasted seeds and hearty grains. You’ll find this to be a scrumptious addition to pasta dinners and also a great sandwich bread. Try dipping it in a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a flavorful appetizer.

Prepared using Publix’s original recipe, our bakers take pride in  bringing this bread to life.


White Mountain Bread04_07_Bakery_AJ_Breads_Image 3

Baked fresh every day, with a perfect eggshell crust and moist interior, the tender texture of this bread will keep you coming back for more.  White Mountain Bread is versatile and works well with any meal. This bread is awesome for dipping and for making your favorite sandwich creations. For inspiration take a look at our Garden Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Turkey Apple Panini recipes.


Sourdough Round

With a delicate crust and an understated tangy flavor, our sourdough round tastes mildly tart, making it perfect for eating with jam, sweet butter, or just by itself.


French Bread04_07_Bakery_AJ_Breads_Image 4

Our crusty French bread is oh so magnifique! Every day we make it from scratch and bake the loaves to perfection. Use as the base for a steak sandwich with au jus dipping sauce or  alongside artisan cheeses on a party platter or cheese plate.  Its versatility makes its uses plentiful.





04_07_Bakery_AJ_Breads_Image 5Hoagie Rolls

Prepared using Publix’s original recipe, deliciousness and freshness abound. These rolls are available plain, and are topped with sesame or poppy seeds. Grab your favorite lunchmeats and cheeses from the Deli and you have an easy lunch combo for the week.




Baguettes are soft on the inside with a crisp crust. This is  a versatile bread that lends  itself to a variety of uses, from sandwiches to  an accompaniment for your favorite soup or salad.


04_07_Bakery_AJ_Breads_Image 6Chicago Hard Rolls

From the Windy City, these light rolls have a nice, delicate crust and a delicious interior.  Don’t let these modest looking rolls fool you. They taste amazing!




So many choices, how do you decide? Take a look at these recipes that use our scratch-made breads and rolls for ideas.

We’d love to know how you like to eat our breads and rolls. Be sure to share in the comments.

The new year doesn’t have to be the only time that brings a desire for change and new goals. Spring is a great time, too! While many of us probably already have goals to improve ourselves by vowing to eat better, lose weight, or maybe just take the steps toward exercising every day, what about exercising our sustainability muscles? This may not be something you think of when you start to write out your goals for the year, but we can provide some simple tips to help you reduce waste and support the environment. With Earth Day on April 22, this is the perfect month to get started.

1. Washing machines: To conserve water, be sure to only run your washing machine when you have a full load of laundry. This ensures that you are minimizing machine usage and reducing the amount of water used.

2. Composting: Reduce landfill waste by composting your kitchen scraps and other leftover food. Compost is organic material that can be used as an addition to soil or as a method to grow plants. The composting process occurs when this organic material is broken down by microorganisms, creating nourishment for your soil.

3. Reusable bags: Publix reusable bags are not only pretty, they’re also 04_05_Sustainability_AJ_Reduce Waste_Image 2purposeful.  To reduce the number of plastic bags used in our stores, we started offering reusable shopping bags to our customers more than 20 years ago. And guess what? One reusable bag can hold up to three regular plastic bags worth of groceries. Pick some up during your next shopping trip and see for yourself! If you already have a few, try keeping them in the car so you always have them when it’s time to shop.

4. Double-sided printing: Whether you’re at home or work, one way to reduce waste is to print documents double-sided to use less paper. You can also use discarded documents as scrap paper for notes and lists. Don’t forget to recycle them when you’re finished!

5. Electricity: This one may be a no-brainer, but turning off lights and unplugging electronics when not in use is a great way to save on your next electric bill while maintaining a green routine. According to the Department of Energy, leaving a computer on all day can cost about 21 cents per day, or about $75 per year. You can help yourself save money and energy with just the flip of a switch.

6. Heating and cooling efficiency: Close shades and curtains to keep cool air from escaping in 04_05_Sustainability_AJ_Reduce Waste_Image 3the summer, and warm air in the winter. Be sure to close vents and doors of rooms that are not in use to keep air flow localized.

7. Smart landscaping: When choosing the perfect flower bed or shrubs for your front yard, try picking foliage that doesn’t require much water. This is a great way to save not only water, but energy too!

8. Dishwasher loads: Similar to our tip on washing machines, it is best to use your dishwasher only when it is full for the most efficient water use.


Making small changes now can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability efforts for our future. Start with one thing on the list and work your way down. You can do it!

Do you have any sustainability tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you.


We’re sure you love our Deli teas as much as we do. From sweetened and unsweetened teas to flavored lemonades, the varieties available will go perfectly with your favorite sub or deli snack. Along with our staple offerings, we also have limited edition flavors that are always a welcome addition to our beverage line up. To tell you a little about what goes into creating these delicious drinks, we reached out to our friends in the Deli department for more information.


Fun With Flavors

You may have guessed that sweet tea wins the popularity contest, with lemonade, unsweetened tea, and diet sweet tea coming in as the runners-up. Green tea, raspberry lemonade, and raspberry tea aren’t far behind.

To create new flavors, we work with a number of other areas within the company to identify emerging and existing flavor trends.

Once we’ve brainstormed innovative and exciting flavor ideas, product samples of the new flavors are created. Next is the fun part — tasting them! After our teams try the samples and provide feedback, the supplier will make changes to incorporate our opinions. According to Deli buyer, Nicole Kolbasiuk-Beetem, feedback may include making changes such as enhancing the flavor of certain ingredients, or adjusting the sweetness of a product. “Sometimes, however, flavors don’t work out as well as we thought,” she says, “in which case we don’t pursue them further.”


Finding What Works03_29_Deli_Image 2_AJ

After new flavors have been chosen and tested , we gather a group of customers who get the chance to try them. Input from these groups allows us to get feedback on everything from how customers react to the name and taste, to how much they actually enjoy the product.

Our taste-testing group rates the product being tested on several different factors, and also provide their own comments. Their feedback is used to decide if our products need more work, and to decide if the flavors we’ve developed are ones that customers like you would want to buy.


Final Steps

Once we’ve officially decided on the new flavors and their recipes, we work on bringing the actual product to life, which includes creating product labels. Once final steps are complete, we’re ready to roll out the new flavors to stores.

For our limited-time items, we introduce them individually, taking into account 03_29_Deli_Image 3_AJwhich flavors will work best during each season. For example, chai tea around the winter holidays and refreshing flavored lemonades during the summer. Limited time flavors that are particularly popular have the possibility of becoming available all year long. Our raspberry lemonade and, more recently blackberry lemonade have become permanent items. This is based on the performance of the items in relation to other items in the category. For example, our limited time blackberry lemonade performed almost as well as our best seller, sweet tea, so we decided  to keep the blackberry year-round.

Buyer Nicole Kolbasiuk-Beetem shares, “We want to be sure that we keep the flavors that customers love most, and item sales are the best indicator for which items are the customer favorites.”


Now that we’ve given you an inside look at how our Deli teas come to be, we’d like to know which flavor is number one on your shopping list. Let us know in the comments!