Monthly Archives: November 2017

Ahh…November. The leaves are falling (…for our readers outside of Florida), the scent of pumpkin everything, great football on TV, an abundant amount of food, the cooler weather (…again, sorry to our Florida readers) and of course Thanksgiving. Our favorite time of the year has arrived. Whether you have family in town you haven’t seen … (Read the full story)

Are you the master of your kitchen and know all the ins and outs of your appliances and cookbooks? How about your knives? Do you know the perfect knife for the job or the proper storage and sharpening techniques? Maybe you’re new to the kitchen or your skills are a little dull and need sharpening. … (Read the full story)

Have you ever ordered lobster from a restaurant and thought, “This looks delicious! I wish I could make this at home.” With our help, you can! We will show you three different ways you can prepare lobster and cook it to perfection on your own without having to visit your local seafood eatery. Boiled Lobster … (Read the full story)